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ChimpKey is an automated full-service provider that offers document conversion technologies, launched in 2008. It has a 100% accuracy rate when converting PDF and Excel files into any format of interest. Chimpkey is a SaaS organization serving client companies in industries such as manufacturing, IT, logistics, finance, and distribution.

What are its services and offerings?

They have a ton of services to streamline data entry operations. Clients can convert their PDF files into XML, X.12, CSV, UBL, EDIFACT, and more formats–basically any format you could need. TheirPDF converter is also very versatile and it can handle almost any type of PDF file.

With Conversions, you can do more than just extract data from a PDF. Their conversion engine is able to recognize and convert even the most complicated documents- like those with multiple pages or PDFs converted into a single file- quickly and easily.

They have an advanced parsing engine that can be used in a template for various needs, including stripping excess characters from text, discovering keywords on pages, summarizing, and augmenting. Also, conversions can add static values and perform database lookups.

How secure are their services?

Chimpkey Security encrypts all communication to protect against data breaches, as these documents can contain highly sensitive information. They use SSL encryption, which is the industry standard. Their servers support AS2, SFTP, HTTPS, and SOAP 1.2 protocols using maximum security measures.

How reliable is Chimpkey?

To date, the company has processed over 100 million documents using extensive backup strategies and multiple servers in different locations. They offer 100% service uptime.

At ChimpKey, we have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service. We can assess and carry out even the most complicated scenarios required for the successful adoption and usage of e-invoicing and e-ordering.

ChimpKey Technical support

Their server-based file converters need no interruptions or modifications to work with a new client’s template. They send an email to confirm that the document is used. The client may then start adding it to their data stream. Depending on how complicated the document is, it usually takes two business days for them to produce templates for new documents.


Pricing strategy and their modes of payment

ChimpKey offers two distinct pricing options- a one-time fee or depending on the number of PDFs processed per month.

  • Mapping a PDF for every merchant, customer, or supplier has a one-time setup fee that accumulates based on a number of setups. They offer bulk discounts for larger quantities.
  • After they map it, we generate the PDF. Depending on how much traffic our client’s website gets, that will affect the price of continued use. For invoices and purchase orders, ChimpKey charges a minimum monthly fee per document. Because every client has different data needs, prices may fluctuate depending on those requirements.

To keep business running smoothly, please pay your invoices within 30 days. This can be done through mailing a check or EFT/ACH checking. If for some reason payment needs to be canceled for the month, we ask that you give us prior notice.

Chimpkey inquiry information


Contact number: 1-888-373-1365

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