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Why You Can Trust WordPress For Your Website?

wordpress Website Design Vancouver

1. WordPress Is Secure and Stable

WordPress has a long track record of continual development. Since 2003, WordPress has been released in five major versions, as well as many ‘point’ updates to the platform. Each one adds more functionality to WordPress, with cutting-edge features and a better User Experience (UX).

Each release has a project lead who oversees the work and code, as well as numerous volunteer community members. We’ll discuss the amazing work of the community more later.

This year’s theme is 4.9, which means that the version number has increased by three digits (from 5.0 to 5.9). WordPress’ continual evolution and releases mean a never-ending loop of upgrades, with about three or four each year. In reality, there is also a roadmap detailing how it will be in the future. This makes it an ideal platform for your website because it is, dependable, and strong.

2. The CMS is Optimized for Search Engines

Search engines are the backbone of the internet. Over 20 years ago, Google was launched, and other search engines have existed for far longer than that. As a result, achieving the top of search engine results is a reasonable aim. It is designed to assist you in attaining this goal as often as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term used for hitting specific company goals, such as Google and Bing’s ranking criteria. WordPress was created to follow all best practices in SEO so that users will have a leg up on the competition.

3. The Community is Large

It has a supportive community of developers, businesses, bloggers, and thought leaders to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have.

4. The Platform Is Great for Small Business and E-commerce Applications

It was first created for bloggers. Back then, blogging was extremely popular, and it allowed users to develop a blog without needing to know any code. As time passed, the scope of WordPress expanded. Nowadays, you can think of WordPress as a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS). Not only that, but it’s perfect for small business websites too – not just blogs!

5. WordPress Can Be the Core of an Enterprise-Level Site

It isn’t there yet, but it can serve as the foundation for large-scale sites and networks. For example, many news and magazine websites employ self-hosted WordPress in the same way you will for your first site. WordPress is used by TechCrunch, Rolling Stone, and Vogue among others, with just three percent of the web using the platform.

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